Walk and Talk

For some people the idea of sitting in a room in the traditional therapy setting can feel overwhelming. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on our mental health and it can be particularly beneficial for low mood, depression and stress.

It doesn’t matter if you are not used to walking, we can tailor the walk to suit you. I have paths accessible from my door and we will walk at your pace for the sessional time of 50 minutes. It is recommended that you wear suitable clothing, to enable us to walk when the weather is not so favourable and footwear that it suitable for walking on paths.

I am of course flexible around rearranging if the weather is particularly challenging and it would interfere with the focus of the session.

I will ask that you sign an agreement that you do not have an existing health condition that would mean walking therapy is not appropriate.

The first session I will request to be face to face in the counselling room or by remote means. This is to allow us to agree arrangements around the format with which we will work and your requirements.