Wellbeing Workshops

½ Day or Full Day – up to a maximum of 12 participants

Wellbeing workshops help participants with their overall wellbeing and how to manage stress that occurs in all areas of their daily lives. A commitment to make changes to some of the habits in daily life is the basis for sound stress management and influencing a good sense of wellbeing.  Wellbeing workshops include explanations and demonstrations, opportunity for individual and group discussions, exercises and practical work.


To provide stimulating, interactive sessions with the following learning outcomes:

  • Improved awareness of the changes we need to make in our lives
  • Practical techniques to avoid stress build up in everyday situations
  • Simple techniques to help maintain a sense of wellbeing.

Each participant will receive a stressdot and gain understanding on how to use it.

To discuss any workshop further or to tailor a workshop to your own needs please contact Carol on 07769 110243 or email: carol@nunavik.co.uk

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